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If you would like to share your knowledge, guides, news or opinions with the knife enthusiast community then we would be happy to hear from you. We would be happy to accept guest posts about knives and outdoors which meets the standards of YourNextKnife.com.

We are always looking for experienced and knowledgeable knife enthusiasts to write about the following topics:

  • All aspects of knife making and design.
  • History of weapons such as swords and daggers from all regions.
  • Using knives in the outdoors.
  • Using knives in the kitchen.
  • Any other proper and safe use of knives.
  • Guides to knife care and accessories.
  • Reviews of products.

Submission Rules:

  1. All content must be on topic and related to knives and outdoors, just like all existing content available.
  2. Content must not be commercial in nature, if you want to advertise please check out our advertisement/PR page.
  3. All content must be original work and solely available to YourNextKnife.com.
  4. Content must be at least 1000 words long and high quality.
  5. All images used must be taken by yourself.
  6. All submitted content become the property of YourNextKnife.com.
  7. We reserve the right to edit content as required and add links as they fit.
  8. We have the right to refuse content for any reason we see fit.

If you’re happy with these rules (which are necessary to maintain editorial standards) then please feel free to contact us on the form below. We do our best to respond to all contact emails within 24 hours.