Best Karambit

Legend has it that the distinctive shape of the Indonesian karambit was inspired by the shape of a tiger’s claw. Similarly to other regional weapons, the karambit was used as an agricultural tool before being weaponized and becoming a traditional tactical knife as we know it today. Whether you’re looking for your own karambit for …

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Best Combat Knife

Combat Knife - USMC Ka-Bar

General Patton had it figured out. Knives can strike terror in the hearts of those who know combat. Dying by knife is a scary prospect – then and now. Combat that has devolved into using knives has become determinedly lethal, with either party desperate to survive the ordeal. One of the first weapons that humans …

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Best Tactical Knife

Russian Tactical Knife

If you’re looking for the best tactical knife that can withstand the rigors of military combat operations or tactical law enforcement, you are not alone. Tactical knives are growing in popularity due to their durability, effectiveness, and dependability. When you are in tactical operations, every tool and resource you carry has the potential to make …

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Best Self Defense Knife

Self Defense Knives - Man protecting FAMILY and COUNTRY from agressor.

Any fight involving a knife is taking it to another level. Once an attacker pulls out a blade, everything suddenly becomes more serious; more lethal. Knives have been the melee sidearm of choice since human beings discovered what exactly a sharp piece of flint could do to animal hide. If you are traveling or live …

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Best Katana

Women holding Katana Sword

It’s one thing to have extensive experience with different types of knives. Working with knives is common if you do any type of work in the kitchen or outdoors. What is less common is working with swords. Swords are primarily a combat tool, so they have less everyday function. Knowledge of swords is rare and …

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