Knife Making Forge

knife making forge.

Knife making is a great craft to learn. It’s always satisfying to build something with your own two hands, and you can make a great living forging knives as well. However, it’s difficult to make a knife with your bare handles. Having the proper tools is important to make sure that you can work efficiently …

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Best Grinder for Knife Making

2x72 knife grinder

Grinding a knife into existence is a satisfying task, not to mention quite a profitable trade if you know what you’re doing. Whether you want to make pocket knives, fixed blade knives, a railroad spike knife, or something else, you’re going to want some kind of grinder. Buying a knife grinder is a sizable investment, …

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Best Sander for Knife Making

knife making grinder

Making a knife is one of the most satisfying tasks for anyone who loves knives. There’s nothing like making a custom knife that you can use for everything from box cutting to survival. One of the most important tools you can get your hands on while starting out is a sander or grinder, but what …

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Best Propane Forge Burner

Man forging on anvil in dark workshop.

If there are two things I know in this world, they are propane and forge burners. If you even think for a second that you’re in the wrong place, you better rethink that right now. Because you’re in the right place. There is literally no better article on the internet about the best propane forge …

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Knife Making Kit

knife making kit reviews

If you’ve decided to get into knife-making you probably already have at least some experience in the knife world. That doesn’t mean you know what the best equipment is to begin your endeavors. That kind of knowledge comes from extensive research and years of experience. That’s why we’re here. We’ve compiled our knowledge and experience …

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