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Knife making kit on work bench. Man Crate brand. If you’ve decided to get into knife-making you probably already have at least some experience in the knife world. That doesn’t mean you know what the best equipment is to begin your endeavors. That kind of knowledge comes from extensive research and years of experience. That’s why we’re here. We’ve compiled our knowledge and experience to determine the best knife -making kits available to you. At the end of the day, this is your investment and the decision is yours. You alone know what your priorities are in knife making and therefore can figure out which product has the best qualities to meet your needs. You’re here seeking guidance and we’re here to give it.

Getting started in any new craft or hobby can be overwhelming, especially when there is new equipment you have to buy. You don’t want to waste your money on a product that doesn’t give you what you need; but, maybe you’re not even sure what you need. We’ve got some general characteristics that you should keep an eye out for when shopping knife-making kits. We’ve also got brief reviews for the knife-making kits that we think are best, giving you our well-educated recommendation so you can make the best investment possible.

What to Look For in a Knife Making Kit

Finding the right knife kit for you can be a fun learning experience and you should keep in mind that this is an investment. Here are some key characteristics to look out for

Your Outlook and Attitude

Before purchasing a knifemaking kit remember that it is not about your knowledge or ability, it is strictly about your attitude and outlook. You need to keep in mind that the purchase of a knife making kit and the use of it will pay off. Eventually you will reap the benefits and in turn realize that you made the correct investment. It can be an enjoyable and sustainable hobby or career. Think positively and invest wisely.

Quality Materials

It is important to make sure that your kit includes only the greatest and most durable materials. You don’t want to make a knife that won’t last a lifetime and breaks after its first use. Look for kits that contain blades that are made from steel. Steel guarantees durability. It is helpful if the kit includes sandpaper, files, wood scales to name a few. The more tools the better, especially because you don’t want to have to purchase necessary materials after you have already purchased a kit that should have everything you need. A kit that has a lot to offer material wise is a kit you want to purchase.


This is probably the most important factor to keep in mind when looking to purchase a knife making kit. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced knife maker. A good set of instructions is always helpful and necessary. A quality knife making kit should always include a guide. If the kit does not include an instruction booklet I would recommend avoiding it all together. The book is meant to ensure safety when knife making at any level of experience.

Knife Making Kit Reviews

Man Crates Folding Knife Making Kit

Man Crates Folding Knife Making Kit
74 Reviews
This kit takes the cake for best knife making kit. The Man Crates kit comes equipped with a portable bench vise, file, rasp set, sandpaper and wrenches for assembling and shaping the knife handles ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit that lays nicely in the palm of your hand. This kit is our favorite because you are not just making any old knife, it teaches you how to make a folding knife. Ensuring durability and aesthetics they use Linen Micarta scales made from layers of hardened resign linen. The Linen Micarta as opposed to a Canvas Micarta is said to hold a better grip for longer.

The blade is made from heated sub zero quenched stainless steel. The Man Crates kit ensures safety by explaining that the thumb studs used to open the knife quickly and efficiently, have a liner lock. A liner lock is placed in most pocket knifes to ensure an easy open and complete safety when the knife is closed. Most importantly this kit comes with an instruction guide to help you on your journey to making your very own folding knife. The instructions are easy to follow and can be a great tool to any experience level knife maker. The company itself has been praised on show like the Today Show and other platforms such as The Wall Street Journal. All of which mention The Man Crates Kit is a five star product and we definitely agree with them. As experienced knife makers we back this product 100% and would recommend it to any level knife maker.

Sarge Knives Drop Point Kit

Sarge Knives Drop Point Kit
230 Reviews
You are definitely getting the most for your money with this kit. This Sarge kit is simplistic in the best ways. It includes everything you need to make the perfect knife. The blade is made from top grade stainless steel ensuring quality and endurance to last through the years. The blade comes sharpened, shaped and drilled and it can be ready for use in a matter of hours. The kit also includes aluminum handle pins and a custom fitted leather sheath. Our favorite part is the easy to navigate instructions, they are very to the point and will guide you to creating your perfect, personalized knife in hours. In our opinion the Sarge Knife Kit is the perfect gift and includes easy to use instructions and the necessary materials to make a customized knife.

Payne Bros Custom Damascus Steel Knife Kit

Payne Bros Custom Damascus Steel Knife Kit
131 Reviews
We love this kit for its quality and the fact that it is incredibly budget friendly. First we’d like to point out that the story behind the kit is extremely heartwarming. The Payne Bros business started when two brothers were putting together a knife kit one weekend and then they decided to just turn it into a business. We are so glad for that fateful weekend because the budget friendly kit that came out of it is untouchable for its price in the face of its competition. The Payne Bros knife kit comes with a damascus steel blade which adds a very aesthetically pleasing look to the finished knife. The damascus blade does require some maintenance to keep its beautiful slick look. The maintenance requires you to keep it clean and well oiled. If you do not properly care for this blade it will rust.

The Payne Bros Kit is any and all experience level friendly. It includes a detailed step by step guide to help you create your knife correctly. The kit comes equipped with a damascus blade, a wood scale and pins. This is a family run business that we happily support and trust. If you are on a budget but want to give knife making a try this is the kit to buy and support.

Sarge Knives Folding Knife Kit

Sarge Knives Folding Knife Kit
154 Reviews
The Sarge Folding Knife kit is a reputable kit. This kit is special because of the fact that it is not just a regular knife kit, its a folding knife kit. Folding knives also known as pocket knives are very useful in terms of being comfortable enough to fit in your pocket. The blade is made with stainless steel ensuring its durability to last a lifetime.The Sarge Folding Knife Kit includes a stainless steel blade, stainless steel liners, bolsters, fasteners and an Allen wrench. The kit also includes a pocket clip which is easily our favorite part. The pocket clip helps by making the folding knife convenient.

However this is not our first, second or third choice. The kit does not include scales(handles), which to us feels like it is not made for all experience levels to enjoy. although it is a cool kit with great amenities we would much rather use a kit that is user friendly for all experience levels. Also keeping in mind the fact you would have to go out of your way to make a scale to fit the knife, finding your own materials, etc. There is a Sarge Knife Kit that does come with a scales (handles). If you like The Sarge Knife Kit company we would recommend checking out the Sarge Drop Point Knife Kit instead.

Payne Bros Custom Titanium Fury

Payne Bros Custom Titanium Fury
25 Reviews
The Payne Bros Custom Titanium Fury set is a great kit. This kit includes a blade, a scale, a correct amount and size of stainless steel pins and detailed instructions. We appreciate the fact that it comes with detailed instructions as that is one of our key factors to keep an eye out for. This kit comes from a pair of brothers that while working on a knife making kit one weekend decided they could turn it into a business. We love the heartwarming story behind the kits made by The Payne Bros.

This kit is reputable and it works extremely well for beginners. Thats just the thing though, it works extremely well for only beginners. This kit does not compare to the other Payne Bros kit which is friendly for all users of any experience level to use. This Payne Bros kit focuses on beginners only, which is not a horrible thing. We prefer kits that are user friendly to all experience levels. We would recommend that you would use the Payne Bros Damascus Knife Kit instead of the Titanium Fury.

The Payne Bros Stone Washed Kit

The Payne Bros Stone Washed Kit
2 Reviews
The Payne Bros make some quality knife making kits. The Stone Washed Kit comes with a blade, a scale, the correct number and size of pins and an instructional guide. This kit is also extremely aesthetically pleasing. It is very slick and the blade is made with stainless steel. This knife is favored by both hobbyists and professionals. The blade comes sharpened with an acid washed finish. This is intended to give the knife a more aged look.

This kit is another one that seems geared towards just beginners. You want to look for a kit that challenges all types of experience levels. Having a kit that will satisfy all experience levels is a must because that ensures the quality of the product. Again, we would recommend the Payne Bros Damascus Kit instead.


Finding the perfect knife making kit is ultimately in your hands. You need to do the research and of course form your own opinions. Finding the perfect kit to fit your needs should be a process. We are here to help provide you with valuable information to help that process. Do not forget these key factors while shopping for your perfect knife making kit. Most importantly you need to have a positive and eager attitude towards finding the perfect kit. Keep in mind that whether you are using it as a hobby or using in professionally it is a great investment that you can also greatly profit from.

Consider purchasing a set that includes all of the tools necessary to making a knife. Do not settle for less or you will find yourself having to spend more money purchasing materials that should have already been included. Also remember that a good set should also come with an even better set of instructions. Instructions are necessary for all skill levels and will only help you to have the best outcome with your knife. As a reminder her are some of our favorite kits that we approve and trust.

The Man Crates Kit– This kit has all of the amenities and you will not have the hassle of purchasing extra materials. The step by step guide provided is easy to follow for any experience level. With five star reviews coming from The Today Show and The Wall Street Journal.

The Sarge Drop Point Kit– This kit is a simplistic easy to use kit that comes equipped with everything you need. The kit also includes a custom fit,leather sheath.

The Payne Bros Damascus Knife Kit– The damascus kit is produced by a family owned and operated business that is budget friendly. What more could you ask for?

Remember to do your research before purchasing your perfect knife making kit. Good luck and happy shopping!

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