Best Butcher Knives

Butcher Knives

When working with meat, finding the best butcher knives is essential for processing meat. Out of all the foods that you need to cut in the kitchen, meat can be one of the trickiest. A good knife is the difference between smooth, easy cuts, and needing to resort to sawing through the meat with a …

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Best Bread Knife

Bread Knife on chopping board

What do chefs use bread knives for? Bread of course and all kitchen knife sets need one. Well, it is kind of special which is why people want the best bread knife they can find. They are explicitly designed for cutting through delicate bread crust without damaging and crushing the soft interior. The blades are …

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Best Cleaver Knife

Meat Cleaver Knife

In addition to being a great prop in Looney Tunes sketches, it turns out that meat cleavers are also good tools in the kitchen and finding the best cleaver knife can be difficult. Cleavers are great for a number of tasks in the kitchen. They tend to have a good amount of weight, which can …

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Best Electric Knife

Electric Knife Cutting Bread

When it comes to carving a Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham, nothing works quite as well as an electric carving knife. In fact, once you’ve used one, chances are you’ll insist on keeping one around forever! Whether you only use it during the holidays or you cook and carve on the regular, you’re going to …

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Best Japanese Knives

Japanese knives reviews.

As Japanese cuisine evolved over the last centuries so did they knives to accommodate to cut through the texture of new, western ingredients. Nowadays we have dozens of Japanese Knives to choose from, that can easily become overwhelming and take away the experience of getting to know the tools that would make your cooking experience …

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Best Boning Knife

Boning knife.

One of the trickiest tasks in the kitchen is working with bone-in meat. You need a solid, sturdy blade to be able to cut meat, but you also need something flexible that will allow you to easily work around bone, skin, cartilage, and the parts you don’t want to eat. Trying to do these tasks …

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Best Nakiri Knife

Nakiri Knife

If you are looking for a great tool for chopping, slicing and dicing vegetables, the Nakiri knife has you covered. The Nakiri knife is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife. The translation of the name (nakiri bocho) means knife for cutting greens. They are known for being quite tall from blade to the spine of the …

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Best Santoku Knife

Santoku Kitchen Knife

The first three virtues that should come to mind when a Santoku Knife is mentioned are slicing, dicing and chopping. Each one of these tasks can be easily achieved with one of these blades. It doesn’t matter if you are facing meat or vegetables, this knife will cut it through easily. Are Santoku knives any …

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Best Paring Knife

Paring Knife reviews.

A good paring knife is used for tricky jobs such as orange segmenting, mincing segmenting an orange, deveining shrimp or prawns, very fine cut of onions or shallots. A paring knife is also used for peeling fruits or vegetables when a sharp paring knife is needed. In fact, there are unlimited used for this knife …

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Best Fillet Knife

Whether you are a professional Chef, food competitor, or an everyday chef, one thing is a given. Your knife should be your best friend in the kitchen. But… which is the best fillet knife to use. Have you ever really thought about what are the best qualities you would look for in a knife? The …

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