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Best Swiss Army Knife The swiss army knife also known as the greatest multitool a person can purchase. The origin of the swiss army knife comes from (and i’m sure you’ve guessed it) Ibach, Switzerland. The name was created by American soldiers after World War II due to the inability of pronouncing the German word “Offiziersmesser” meaning officer’s knife. Which is the best Swiss army knife for you?

The swiss army knife is a knife that can be used for all occasions, whether you need to cut through iron, read fine print with a magnifying glass or simply open a bottle, the swiss army knife has you covered. Why are they so popular? Their popularity is gained by the convenience of having one small tool that can accomplish so many tasks.

In my opinion every person should own a swiss army knife and I am here to help you find the right swiss army knife for your needs. As an owner of many swiss army knives you can trust that my opinions and reviews are always honest and for your best interest. It is extremely important that you also do your own research on swiss army knives, especially if you are a first time buyer. Ultimately you know what is the best Swiss Army Knife for you.

What to Look For in a Swiss Army Knife

Here are a couple of key factors I kept in mind while putting together a list of my favorite brands of swiss army knives;

What Will You Be Using Your Knife For and What Are The Essentials?

An important factor to consider when looking for your own swiss army knife is what you need it for. Do you spend most of your time in the wilderness or do you tend to spend more time indoors?

If you are spending more time outdoors you will probably want a swiss army knife that contains some sort of saw blade. If you spend more time indoors you want to make sure your swiss army knife contains scissors. This has a lot to do with being honest with yourself. If you are like me and spend time outdoors and indoors then look for a swiss army knife that has tools that cater to both places.

Think about the tools you use day to day and make sure your swiss army knife has them and make sure they are durable. Tools like scissors, screwdrivers, a knife, a saw or tweezers are tools that are essential and you will be getting use out of them. Also look for the other cool tools the swiss army knife offers. You never know what you may have been missing in your life and that small tool in that compact multipurpose knife could be a game changer for you.

The Size and The Weight

Generally you are going to want your swiss army knife to fit in your pocket comfortably. The point of these knives is their convenience. You want a swiss army knife that is small length wise but contains the most tools. Finding a swiss army knife that contains 12+ tools and is still pocket size is like finding a precious jewel. The weight of the swiss army knife is also important. You don’t want to be lugging around a heavy tool in your pocket especially if you’re hiking or engaging in vigorous activity.

The Quality and The Safety

You are looking for a swiss army knife that is durable and built to last. You want to commit to a product that will last a life time. Find a swiss army that is built with reputable materials to guarantee its safety. This also means taking proper care of your knife. Ensure that you are cleaning and sharpening as often as needed. Safety is always an important factor when considering what type of swiss army knife to buy. Look for the knives that ensure a locking mechanism that will never fail (if cared for properly) when the knife is not in use.

Best Swiss Army Knife Reviews

Here is a list of my top three favorite swiss army knives and two others that are reputable.

The Victorinox Swiss Champ

The Victorinox Swiss Champ
10,744 Reviews
In my opinion it is all in the name, it is the champion of all swiss army knives. This knife has such a pure history coming straight from Ibach, Switzerland the birthplace of the swiss army knife. The company that makes the Victorinox Swiss Champ is that of Master Cutler, Karl Elsener. The company is still owned and operated by his family in its original village of Ibach. This knife offers 33 functions that include but are not limited to, a corkscrew, a Phillips screwdriver, a saw blade and scissors. The Victorinox Swiss Champ can contain all of these tools all while maintaining a length of 3.6 inches and a weight of 6.5 ounces. The perfect pocket size miracle tool. The 33 functions make it user friendly for outdoor and indoor use, the best of both worlds.

I can attest to the fact that carrying around the Victorinox Swiss Champ is like having a toolbox in my pocket. It is easy to care for and clean but you should never put your Victorinox Swiss Champ in the dishwasher. To help the Champ ensure its superior locking mechanism that guarantees your safety when not in use, you should be applying the recommended Swiss Army Knife oil periodically. The knife is made with trusted stainless steel materials and guarantees durability for a lifetime. You can’t get much better than a swiss army knife coming straight from the birthplace of the Original Swiss Army Knife.

Victorian Swiss Fieldmaster

Victorian Swiss Fieldmaster
5,381 Reviews
Looking for something not as exquisite as a swiss army knife with 33 features? The Victorinox Swiss Fieldmaster is the just as valuable, little brother of the Victorinox Swiss Champ. The Fieldmaster comes equipped with 15 key functions including a bottle opener, wood saw, can opener and scissors. The Fieldmaster weighs a mere 3.5 ounces and is the perfect pocket pal. I appreciate how light weight it is and how it contains only the essentials. Coming from the same company as the Champ, the history of the Fieldmaster is rich and untouchable.

The Fieldmaster is made with stainless steel and it is encased in the company’s signature red ABS scales confirming durability that will last a lifetime. To help the Fieldmaster ensure its superior locking mechanism that guarantees your safety when not in use, you should be applying the recommended Swiss Army Knife oil periodically. The Fieldmaster is very valuable for people that spend time outdoors and it can also be useful for those that spend their time indoors. The value of the fieldmaster is just right for its price.


1,085 Reviews
So you’re on a budget? Well the SWITCHEDGE can help with that. The SWITCHEDGE is the best swiss army knife that won’t break the bank. This knife comes with 14 features including, a knife, fish scaler, a slotted remover, thread loop and a nail file to name a few.

The casing of the SWITCHEDGE is made up of texturized, metallic aluminum. The handle on the knife offers a sure grip to ensure safety and durability. The knife was manufactured to open simply but also lock in place when not in use. This guarantees safety and accurate maneuverability. I love the sleek look of this blade and the fact that it fits perfectly inside my pocket.

Although it is not as fancy as the Victorian Swiss models it can still get the job done and you will not have to spend as much. This company also offers a 30 day money back guarantee which I always appreciate as a paying customer just in case something doesn’t work as it is supposed to.

The Keenstone

The Keenstone
1,328 Reviews
The Keenstone is a solid choice for a swiss army knife. The Keenstone includes essential tools such as a knife, saw, hook remover and phillips screwdriver. The Keenstone also includes some special features such as a magnesium fire starter with a compass which is ideal for camping. The firestarter feature is proven to be safer and more reliable than a match and it can even start a fire in a cold and wet environment. This knife and firestarter are made with durable material geared to handle pressure and hard falls.

The Keenstone weighs 7.5 ounces and in my opinion it’s a little too heavy. I would much rather carry a swiss army knife that is 6.5 ounces or less, especially because this knife only has 15 features. I also believe the Keenstone is geared more towards campers and people that spend most of there time outdoors, with little attention going to those who may spend their time indoors.

If you are looking for a more versatile knife for all occasions I would consider looking at the Victorian Swiss Champ or the Fieldmaster. The Keenstone is a very reputable knife for those seeking to use it solely for outdoor activities.

Victorinox Swiss Army EvoWood

Victorinox Swiss Army EvoWood
414 Reviews
The EvoWood swiss army knife is reputable and valuable for what it is worth. I love the aesthetic of the handle it is a nice walnut scale. It has 12 essential tools one of them being a car opener with a screwdriver. I found this tool to be the most useful as I am always misplacing my keys. The EvoWood weighs a whopping 2.5 ounces making it the lightest swiss army knife of my list. Your EvoWood knife also has a lifetime guarantee protection if there are any defects in the manufacturing.

The EvoWood does not include a phillips screwdriver and I was disappointed when I went to unscrew a phillips head nut and realized that I would not be able to. Apparently the sharp point that is next to the corkscrew is able to unscrew phillips head nuts. It also doesn’t include tweezers in its 12 tools which to me is an essential.

The EvoWood is your basic swiss army knife that is right for the price.


The swiss army knife has such an important history and it is a knife that is cherished by all. Ultimately the decision of what swiss army knife you should purchase is entirely up to you. Remember the key points before you decide to purchase. What are the main reasons you need a swiss army knife? Try finding a knife that offers the best of both worlds. Think of some of the essential tools that you need and make use of day to day such as scissors, a knife, a screwdriver and tweezers. How about the other tools the swiss army knife may offer, it could be a tool you didn’t even know you were missing in your life.

The size and weight of your swiss army knife is another huge factor. You want something that is going to comfortably fit in your pocket, especially in the event of vigorous activity. Finally the safety and the quality of the swiss army knife, in my opinion the most important points. Make sure you are purchasing a swiss army knife that is built to last and ensures your safety.

In my opinion these three types of swiss army knives hit all of those factors on the head.

The Victorinox Swiss Champ– This knife is full of history coming straight from the birthplace of the Original Swiss Army Knife. It has a total of 33 features and weighs only 6.5 ounces. It is sleek, durable and built to last. With a protective lock you can’t go wrong choosing this as your swiss army knife companion.

The Victorinox Swiss Fieldmaster– The Champ’s little brother with less features but the exact same quality at an affordable price.

The SWITCHEDGE– The budget friendly swiss army knife. A great starter knife for those who are first time swiss army knife buyers. It includes a safety lock ensuring an easy open and a safe, locked close when not in use.

Good luck finding your new pocket companion and don’t forget the tips to buying your own perfect swiss army knife. Happy shopping!

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