Best Sander for Knife Making

Best Sander for Knife Making Making a knife is one of the most satisfying tasks for anyone who loves knives. There’s nothing like making a custom knife that you can use for everything from box cutting to survival. One of the most important tools you can get your hands on while starting out is a sander or grinder, but what is the best sander for knife making?

There are all kinds of things that you can do during the knife-making process to get the best result. One of them to consider what tools to use. When making a knife, the knife sander is one of the most important tools. The quality of finished products can be impacted substantially by the quality of the tools used.

Fortunately, if you’re trying to figure out which sander is right for you, you’re in the right place. This article reviews a number of sanders used for knife-making, and goes over my experience using them, the pros and cons, and why you might choose one model over another.

What to Look For in a Sander For Knife Making

Like any tool, knife sanders come in many different models, which have various pros and cons. There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a sander for knife-making.

Grinder Size

There are various grinder sizes that are used by sanders for knife-making.

The 2” by 72” belt is the most common size. This is a larger belt than the 1×42 inch sizes, which is great for tasks like grinding, profiling, and similar. Additionally, since these sanders are particularly common, it can be easier to find replacement parts in some cases.

The 1” by 42” belt is much less common, but does have a few advantages. This type of grinder can allow for finer precision, which can be useful for detail work. If you already have a 2” by 72” belt, you might consider picking up a 1” by 42” belt grinder, since having this option as well is excellent for detail work.

You may also want to think about whether you want a belt sander, a disc sander, or something else. Different types of knife makers may prefer different types of sanders. Some knife sanders also come with the option of having both a belt-based sander and a disc sander.

Personally, I prefer to use belt-based sanders for knife making. However, this all comes down to your personal discretion, and what kind of projects you are working on. Make sure to consider which type of sander you prefer when making your choice.

Size and Portability

Many sanders are quite large and are designed to be set up and used in a single place. However, there are also smaller sanders that can be moved more easily. While larger sizes generally provide advantages in terms of performance and easy-of-use, smaller models can be easier to transport and can provide more space for other tools in your workshop.

Power and Speed

Different sanders operate at different speeds. For a belt sander, checking the RPM of the product can give you a good idea of how powerful the device is. A device with a more powerful motor can provide a higher speed, although this can also come at additional cost.

Another consideration is whether you can adjust the speed of the sander. Some sanders come with a single speed setting, whereas others allow you to adjust the sanding speed. It’s definitely nice to be able to adjust the sanding speed, however, this does also generally mean that the product is more expensive than if this feature had not been included in the sander.

Sander For Knife Making Reviews

JET J-4103 2 x 72

JET J-4103 2 x 72
3 Reviews
The JET J-4103 is a square wheel belt grinder that offers a ton of high-end features. The grinder’s platen setting provides a great angle for flat and level grinding. The serrated contact wheel can be used for removing heavy stock and other heavy-duty sanding tasks. Additionally, the grinder supports both 3” x 2” and 1.5” x 2” contact wheels to allow for flexibility in reaching all areas. The machine is designed to allow for grinding to be done quickly and efficiently. Plus, the machine is made in the USA.

In terms of the major selling point to this system, the machine is designed to provide everything you could possibly need in a single machine. Other grinders may be suited more for either general tasks or a single more specific task, but this grinder can handle basically any knife-grinding task that you could throw at it.

Overall, this was the best belt sander that I tested. If you’re looking for a grinder that will do it all, no questions asked, this is a great option. I have this machine in my workshop and have been using it almost daily for the last few weeks. It’s going strong even after a pretty substantial amount of use at this point.

Happybuy 2Hp Belt Grinder 2 x 72

Happybuy 2Hp Belt Grinder 2 x 72
22 Reviews
The Happybuy 2Hp Belt Grinder has a constant speed of 2800 RPM. The device offers three grinding wheels to choose from, which allows for grinding to be adjusted based on what you’re working on and what you need. The device has a steel frame that is welded at all joints.

While the JET J-4103 can do some things more easily than this system, that’s to be expected. This grinder can still do everything you need to do frequently to a high standard, and the less-common tasks are still completely doable, even if it’s a little cleaner with the JET J-4103. This is all around a solid tool, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist.

I must say I did try this sander out for a while and it did a great job of sanding forge scale from quenching in oil. The motor on this grinder is a BEAST, it does not stop or even slow down no matter how much pressure is applied. I will be adding a couple of these to my shop because it seriously impressed me for a product made in Asia to a price.

WEN 6502T Bench Sander

WEN 6502T Bench Sander
6,028 Reviews
The WEN 6502T is a two-in-one sanding machine that has both a belt sander and a disc sander. The belt can tilt between 0 to 90 degrees, which allows for easy adjustment of the sanding surface. The machine has a 4.3 amp motor, which provides up to 3600 RPM. There is also a tension release lever, which can be used to change between different sandpaper grits easily.

When using this, I found it to be a nice mode that provides a good amount of value at a reasonable price. The tool includes both a belt sander and a disc sander, which allows for various different tasks to be done easily. The machine was very stable while in use, and has a good amount of weight to it. While I wouldn’t use this to replace a higher-quality sander, it’s a great addition to anyone’s toolset.

One thing that I liked about this machine was the size. The larger machines are nice to have in my workshop, but at home, having a smaller sander is nice. This is something that will easily fit into a garage or basement while still doing a solid job of sanding and grinding.

However, the safety guard was a little small. I would be careful when using this device. Of course, you want to be careful with any sander. It’s also possible to put together a replacement safety guard, if you are so inclined. I didn’t find this to be a huge issue, but it would have been nice to have a higher-quality safety guard.

While there are heavier-duty sanders on the market, this is a solid product that will do the trick. It’s also a nice, small size, which can be great for a home workshop or similar.

WEN 6510T Bench Sander

WEN 6510T Bench Sander
1,590 Reviews
While this sander is less versatile than the sanders above I had to include a bobbin sander considering how useful I find these for handle shaping and finishing radius sections.

The WEN 6510T is another solid option for a sander. The device has a 3.5 amp motor, which can reach up to 2000 RPM. The device has a dust collector as well, which is a nice addition that makes clean up simple. Plus, the product comes with a two-year warranty.

For the price, I wasn’t expecting too much from this tool. However, I was decently surprised at the quality. The machine is fairly quiet (for a sander), and it’s pretty well built, considering the price point. The design of this sander makes it easy to work with curves and similar, which is something that can be tricky with some sanders.

As far as sanders go, this one is fairly basic. If that’s all you’re looking for, it does come at a good price and will get the job done. This may be a good option for basic knife making and similar, although you may find yourself wanting to upgrade further down the line.


What an excellent time it’s been reviewing all of these different sanders for knife making. There are so many options, and I’m sure you’d love to have them all. However, you might want to narrow it down. With all of these terrific knife sanders on the market, It’s tricky to pick the best one for you. But, if I were to narrow it down, the following three are my top contenders.

The JET J-4103 is the caviar of knife sanders. Any sanding task that you need done can be done with this no problem. While the price point on this sander is fairly high, the cost is definitely worth it, as this is a professional tool that will make your workflow substantially easier and quicker, saving you time, and time is money. This is a great product for an enthusiast or a professional and is truly built to a high standard.

The Happybuy 2Hp Belt Grinder is a great option that provides a ton of bang for your buck. There are a few specialized tasks that I find that the JET J-4103 can do a bit better, but this is still a great option. All in all, this is a great buy that is up to par for a professional tool, and a great value for a hobbyist as well.

The Grizzly G1015 is a great budget or hobbyist knife sander. This knife sander comes at a substantially lower cost than many of the alternatives. While there are a few drawbacks to this system, such as the fact that it only has one speed setting (which is quite fast), this is still a hardcore sander. The machine runs effectively and fairly quietly (well, quiet for a sander), and the price tag is unbeatable.

So, which knife sander do you think is the best for making knives? There are so many to pick from, and a lot of things to keep in mind. If you have any other questions, or if you want to leave your favorite picks in the comments, drop us a message. We are always interested to hear what the community has to say about the best sanders for knife-making.

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