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Best Machete Reviews When buying anything online, you always run the risk of disappointment. It can be hard to sort through all of the options and then to know which ones will actually arrive as advertised. On top of that, if you have limited-to-no experience with the tool you’re looking for, you may be almost completely in the dark about what to look for in the first place.

That’s where we come in. We have years of experience working with bladed tools like the machete. We have done extensive research and testing in order to find the best products for our own personal work, but also that we can share with you. Why should you risk your hard earned money taking a wild guess one which machete to choose? When it comes down to it, the decision is ultimately yours. Investing in a tool is a personal decision, based on unique needs and specific taste. We merely want to offer some advice for what to look for when shopping for a machete as well as some brief reviews of the products we’ve found and believe are the best!

What to Look For in a Machete

There are many things to consider when purchasing a machete. We’re going to offer a few generally good characteristics to look for in a machete. On the machete, the upper part of the blade is weighted and the tip is wide; when you swing a machete downward, it falls similarly to a cleaver with a powerful chopping force.


The tang is the part of the blade that extends into the handle. It can come in full and partial variations. When purchasing a machete, we highly recommend a full tang model. This means that the tang is the same width as the knife handle, making it significantly stronger as a tool. A full -tang machete will hold up best to the beating that you are sure to put it through. It is less likely to wear out or loosen over time. Something that should always be a priority when investing in any new tool is its longevity: will it serve its optimal purpose for a satisfactory amount of time. A full tang machete gives you the best chance of that.


When purchasing any hand tool, the way it holds in the hand is a vital consideration. It is especially important to find a comfortable, sturdy blade in a machete because of the force the tool exerts and the hard work you’ll likely be doing with it. You want to look for an ergonomic handle that fits well in the hand and offers a reliable, sturdy grip.


First thing’s first: the size of your machete ultimately depends on what you need it for. A larger machete will have more power. This is recommended if you’re using it as a weapon. If using it for agricultural purposes, we generally look for 15-19 inches, though 13 inches is a traditional size especially for the first machete purchase. The larger the tool, the harder it will be to transport but these products do size up to nearly 40 inches. We think there should be power that you can control and the larger you go, the more control you sacrifice. That is not to say that if a larger machete is your preference, perhaps because you’re a larger, stronger person, have been working with machetes long enough to be comfortable with the size or have a specific need that requires the power a 36-inch machete would allow. It doesn’t matter what size you choose as long as it is the right size for you.

Best Machete Reviews

Kershaw Camp Series Machete

This 18-inch full-tang fixed blade machete is our top pick. The sleek, modern design looks durable and this product lives up to that appearance. The handle has a sturdy rubber finish, allowing for a firm and comfortable grip, especially for long periods of time and through brutal labor. The hard rubber handle also provides a nice level of shock absorption when employing the tools impressive chopping power. This product lived up to the most intense machete uses and hardly showed any wear for it. The blade is sharp, tough and powerful. The blade shape is beautifully designed and multi-functional, giving you precision-cutting capabilities on one part and power-chopping on another. The sheath is well-designed and can be reversed whether you are left-handed or right. It has a thumb-snap feature that allows for quick-draw capabilities. Additionally, the price on this machete is highly reasonable considering the size and quality you are getting. That’s why it is our top pick of all the machetes we’ve reviewed.

Gerber Broad Cut Machete

The Gerber Broad Cut is also a powerful machete. Slightly larger than the Krenshaw, it offers a bit more power in the chop based on pure physics. While the handle is also hardened rubber, it is less ergonomic than the Krenshaw resulting in less comfort over an extended period of hard work. This difference is only slight, however, and not enough to knock this product out of second place on our list. Part of the reason it is so high on our list is that it is designed with a hook notch on the end of the blade, in the inner curve. This is exactly what we mean when we say we’re always looking for a tool that serves more functions than you expect it to. Cutting tools and especially ones that are often used in survival situations, should serve as many purposes as possible. This ensures efficiency as well as giving the customer the most bang for their buck. The Gerber machete offers power, multi-function and reliability and would be an excellent choice for your machete purchase.

Gerber Compact Clearpath Machete

Another Gerber product because they know how to make a good machete. The Compact Clearpath Machete is an excellent tool at an affordable price. This is the product we recommend to those of you in a tighter financial situation who still want to make sure they’re making the best investment in their machete. The blade design is different from what one might expect in a machete, but that doesn’t mean this tool doesn’t offer power and efficiency. The serrated side of the blade gives you the added capability of sawing when chopping, slicing or prying won’t do the trick. It’s equipped with a lanyard for carrying and comes with a snug sheath. Considering the price you’re paying this is an excellent choice, especially if you’re investing in your first machete! You don’t need to fork over an arm and a leg to be able to do your more difficult yard work

Condor Golok Machete

This Condor machete is a solid tool, a good length blade with full-tang made from quality metal. It’s sturdy and long-lasting. The handle on this tool is uniquely designed but they’ve put aesthetic slightly above ergonomics here. The ball at the end of the handle makes some grips more difficult and less sure. It also seems to throw the tool off-balance, making some tasks more difficult or awkward than they need to be. This can slow down your work or cause some discomfort until you get used to the specific design of this machete. Ball-handled machetes are preferred by some, so this is another characteristic that is much more of a subjective observation. This is still a high quality, reliable tool that we recommend. We prefer the products above, having found them to be the best quality for the money you’re paying; but, this Condor is an excellent choice!

Jungle Master Machete

Jungle Master Machete
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We’ve included this product on our list because it is a decent tool for the price point. It’s not our favorite of the machete options we’ve listed, but if you’re on a tight budget this is the best quality you can get for such a low price. The sheath isn’t the highest quality and will likely need to be replaced if you have this tool for a long period of time. The handle is ergonomic in shape, but the cord that’s woven around it makes gripping awkward at times and seems likely to unravel. Overall, however, it is a sturdy weapon with a decent amount of power for its size. The serrated blade once again adds to the list of functions, upping the value in our minds. Despite the flaws, this is a quality tool especially considering the price you’re paying. While we would recommend the tools higher on our list, purchasing a machete is a personal choice and you’re the only one who can know what exactly you want and need from this tool!

Machete Review Conclusion

When purchasing any blade or outdoor tool, you have to consider expert opinion as well as your own experience and preference. We’ve worked with different machete brands and models for years, really putting these tools to the test to find the ones that we believe are the absolute best. That doesn’t mean that you have to take our advice, because you could have priorities in a machete that differ from ours. We hope we’ve at least made the decision-making process less overwhelming and helped you move closer to the right decision.

Our top pick, though it doesn’t have to be yours, was the Kershaw Camp Series. We chose this tool for its aesthetic, ergonomic design and functionality as a machete. Almost everything about this tool was right: it’s a great size, the blade, handle and sheath are designed well. It’s a tool that can be used and transported comfortably for a long period of time and that will withstand the most brutal work you can put a machete through. Finally, the fact that it’s the tool we agree is best and it’s priced so affordably (considering the features and quality of the design) there was really no question that this had to be our top recommendation.

The Gerber Broad Cut is our second choice. It is a powerful machete, slightly larger than the Kershaw. It fell short for us on ergonomics, particularly in the handle. Grip comfort is another subjective characteristic, however, and some may prefer this design to that of the Gerber or others. The addition of a hook notch on the outside of the blade really set this product apart for us. We are always looking for how many different ways a tool can be used and we love a product that comes right out and gives you a bonus function right off the bat. This machete might appeal to you because of that precision cutting feature or because you prefer larger tools (perhaps you have larger hands) or maybe you’re a Gerber loyalist. Whatever the reason, this is a prime machete choice and you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, our top recommendation for machete buyers on a budget was the Gerber Clearpath Machete (did someone say Gerber loyalists?). At first sight, this may look different to the machete you’re picturing in your mind. The blade design is different but the tool is powerful and efficient. It also has an added feature in its serrated edge, which gives it bonus value. This is a high quality tool at an affordable price and would make an excellent choice for your machete investment.

Ultimately, you know what machete will work best for you. You know what work you need to get done, how much of it there is, what special features you might need, what size you could comfortably work with over that period of time, even what size and style of handle will work best for you. If you don’t know all of those things for sure, we hope our advice and reviews have helped you narrow the field a bit more. Any product on this would serve you more than well!

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