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Best Everyday Carry Knife. An everyday carry knife has been an essential tool and mankind’s companion for centuries. It may act as a solution for a multitude of daily tasks being thrown your way every day and at any time of day. However, it is important to check into your local and state laws to find out what you can or can not legally carry on you. Your everyday carry knife can be used for opening up packages (because we all know those are impossible to open by hand), cutting paper when scissors are not present, opening mail or food prep when kitchen knives are unavailable. Having an everyday carry knife means having the comfort that you can accomplish daily tasks with one simple tool.

As an owner of an everyday carry knife, finding my perfect knife was a well thought out, carefully picked choice comparing and outweighing all of my options. I am going to let you in on some of my favorite, high quality everyday carry knives that just might be the perfect fit for you. You can trust that my opinions are based off of tons of research and real life experience. You should also do plenty of research on what type of everyday carry knife is right for you, especially if you are a first time buyer.

What to Look For in a Everyday Carry Knife

What exactly should you be looking for in an EDC knife? Well I am here to give you some key points to key in mind before purchasing your own EDC knife.

What Is The Purpose of Your Knife

What is the reason you want an EDC? Are you working in an office and opening letter often? Are you working on a far and needing to cut thicker pieces of rope? A good EDC knife should be able to complete every task but some blades are smaller and can complete certain tasks that a larger blade can not. Once you figure out what you will mainly be using your knife for, it will be easier to find the type of blade that is right for you. Keep an eye out for EDC’s that guarantee completion of small blade and large blade tasks.

The Opening Mechanism and The Quality

A huge factor to look out for is how fast and comfortably you are able to open the blade. There are some carry knives that have a two-handed opening system, meaning that you must hold the knife in one hand and open it with your other hand. Other EDC’s have a one-handed system which works by putting pressure on a thumb stud that will in turn spring the blade open. In my opinion the one handed system is the way to go as it is easier to access. The quality of the knife itself is also important. You EDC should be a tool that lasts a lifetime. Make sure that the knife you purchase is made with quality, reputable material that is built to last.

The Size, The Weight and The Safety

Another important point to consider while looking for an EDC is its size and weight. A quality carry knife is supposed to be something you carry around with you EVERY day. Be weary of purchasing a massive knife that in turn will be completely uncomfortable to carry around every day. A good size blade is normally around 3.5 inches. Remember an EDC is supposed to be something that is convenient and comfortable.

Safety is always my biggest concern. Make sure before purchasing an EDC you are following your local or state laws. By not following the law your EDC can be taken away from you and you run the risk of losing the privilege to carry and EDC. Purchase an EDC that ensures the upmost safety when using the tool and when the tool is not in use. You can figure this out but the viability of the EDC’s lock system. Always make sure you are using your EDC with care and caution.

Everyday Carry Knife Reviews

I have picked three of my favorite EDC knives and I have isted three others that are also reputable.

The Benchmade Bugout

The Benchmade Bugout
2,673 Reviews
The EDC that can do it all, The Benchmade Bugout is my favorite EDC. The Bugout is made by a company in Oregon that has been making knives for over 30 years. The company is dedicated to you and your knife for as long as you own it.

They provide a Lifesharp service, where they will oil, readjust or sharpen your EDC and it’s all free of charge even when they ship it back to you! That is my favorite feature of this knife, you can’t go wrong with the guarantee that your Benchmade Bugout will last a lifetime.

The knife itself is lightweight, weighing a mere 1.85 ounces and 3.24 inch blade length, making it comfortable and convenient. The Bugout contains an axis locking mechanism that ensures your safety, a smooth open and an easy close. The ergonomic textured grip makes this knife easy to handle and hold on to. This EDC is made with American made CPM-S30V steel and is guaranteed to be corrosion resistant. The Bugout uses a one handed opening system making it a quick and effective EDC.

This EDC is the best contender for anyone looking for the perfect EDC.

Kershaw Blur Black

Kershaw Blur Black
2,998 Reviews
With its sleek look the Kershaw Blur Black is the EDC you dream about. My favorite feature of the kershaw is its reversible pocket clip making its storage hassle free. The Kershaw also uses a one handed opening system they refer to as SpeedSafe Assisted Opening. This feature ensures the safety and convenience of opening your EDC’s blade. The blade also has a secure locking system called an Inset Liner Lock. This system allows the same safety as other locking linears minus the weight.

The Kershaw is coated with DLC (diamond-like carbon). The DLC is often even stronger than the steel of the blade underneath it. The DLC allows the Kershaw to be extra resistant to corrosion and wear on the knife, ensuring the Kershaws durability. It also allows the Kershaw to have a low friction coefficient so that particles are not able to easily attach to the blade which in turn makes cleaning your knife easier.

The blade is curved into a 3.4 inch “S” shape optimizing it’s cutting power and efficiency. The value and the price you pay for the Kershaw is top notch and hard to find.

The Victorinox Swiss Classic

The Victorinox Swiss Classic
42,293 Reviews
If you are on a budget the Victorinox Classic is the way to go. This EDC functions with a 1.25 inch blade making it the most compact and convenient EDC. Although it has a smaller blade I have found that it can also get jobs done that are meant for bigger blades. Weighing only 0.74 ounces it can be the perfect addition to your keys. The Victorinox Swiss Classic comes for the birthplace of the Original Swiss Army Knife making this EDC a knife with a long and rich history.

This EDC is built like a swiss army knife because it includes extras such as a nail file with a screwdriver, scissors, a key ring, tweezers and a toothpick. I find this knife to be so valuable because of the extra tools it provides. This Victorinox is small enough that it can be opened with one hand. The Victorinox also contains a safe locking mechanism and if you want to ensure extended safety you should be applying the Swiss Army Knife Oil periodically.

Although it is not quite up to the standards of the Bugout or the Kershaw it is a budget friendly EDC that will properly get the job done.

The Spyderco Tenacious

The Spyderco Tenacious
4,524 Reviews
The Spyderco Tenacious is an EDC that promises persistence and cohesiveness. The Spyderco has a 3.39 inch stainless steel blade and it is made “ground flat” from its spine to the cutting edge ensuring non-stop cutting. I really appreciated the G-10 laminate handle, after using it for an extended period of time my hand did not get tired or uncomfortable. The Spyderco will fit nicely and safely in your pocket. This EDC comes with a Walker LinerLock ensuring your safety when the knife is not being used. It has a four way pocket clip which I found to be very convenient.

I did have some trouble with the one handed opening system on the Spyderco. It seemed to almost get stuck making the deployment of the blade slower. The knife itself weighs 8 ounces which in my opinion is a bit heavy. The Spyderco has a nice look and is definitely aesthetically pleasing. The Spyderco Tenacious is an adequate choice and it will certainly get the job done.

The Terminus XR

The Terminus XR
148 Reviews
The Terminus XR is an EDC knife with a 2.95 inch blade made with cryo- hardened stainless steel. The Terminus is strong, capable of handling any task and is built to last with the proper care. This knife has a carbon fiber handle giving it an outstanding grip and traction. You are able to open your Terminus blade three different ways. You can use the thumb studs to open (the standard one hand opening system), the XR opening and locking mechanism or you can “flick the kick”.

I really appreciate that there are so many ways to easily open the Terminus XR. I don’t love the aesthetics of this knife. To me it looks too bulky and the grips on the handle (while useful) are not very nice to look at. Overall this knife does what its supposed to but it is definitely not as aesthetically pleasing as the Benchmade or the Kershaw.

The Sanrenmu

The Sanrenmu
705 Reviews
The Sanrenmu knife is your basic EDC knife it has so special features and it has a very simple design. The Sanrenmu has a very sleek look and is simplistic looking making it very aesthetically pleasing. The blade is 2.74 inches and weighs 3.175 ounces. It contains a liner locking mechanism ensuring safety while using the Sanrenmu. This knife is great for every day tasks and is extremely affordable. I wish the Sanrenmu had a few special features but for the price it makes sense that it does not.

While it is just a basic knife I included it because of the size. It’s very small a slim and light enough to almost forget it’s there. Carrying this everyday is not a chore and because of this I feel like it’s a good option for a basic EDC.

For the money it could easily be a beater knife, something that wouldn’t upset you if you lost it. It’s a solid option for something that will get the job done.


Ultimately the decision of what type of EDC knife you should purchase is entirely up to you. Please make sure to research these knives on your own, especially if you are a first time buyer. Keep the key points that I explained previously in mind while finding your perfect EDC knife. Figure out what you will be using this EDC for and keep an eye open for EDC’S that can handle all tasks with ease. Look for EDC’s that have a one handed opening system as this is the easiest and most efficient way to open the blade on your EDC. The weight and length of your EDC should be comfortable and convenient meaning you should not purchase and EDC that is massive and can not easily fit in your pocket. Make sure you are putting your safety first. Look for EDC’s that ensure a viable locking system that will keep you safe when the EDC is not in use. Please make sure to check out you local or state laws before purchasing an EDC. That is a big step that could keep you from carrying you EDC. Keep these great EDC’s in mind while you are doing your research.

The Benchmade Bugout – A durable, lifetime guaranteed EDC knife. It’s lightweight, and the top contender if you are looking for the perfect EDC knife.

The Kershaw Blur – This EDC knife is sleek and aesthetically pleasing. It is coated with DLC promising this EDC’s longevity. For the incredible value the price is right.

The Victorinox Swiss Classic – The affordable EDC packed with the charm of a swiss army knife. You won’t break the bank with this EDC knife.

Good luck finding your perfect everyday carry knife. Happy shopping!

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