Best Sander for Knife Making

knife making grinder

Making a knife is one of the most satisfying tasks for anyone who loves knives. There’s nothing like making a custom knife that you can use for everything from box cutting to survival. One of the most important tools you can get your hands on while starting out is a sander or grinder, but what …

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Best Propane Forge Burner

Man forging on anvil in dark workshop.

If there are two things I know in this world, they are propane and forge burners. If you even think for a second that you’re in the wrong place, you better rethink that right now. Because you’re in the right place. There is literally no better article on the internet about the best propane forge …

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Best Chef Knife

Chef Knife - Chef cutting onion on cutting board.

A surgeon is nothing without a reliable scalpel and a lumberjack is nothing without a strong, sturdy axe. Just the same, a chef is nothing without the right chef’s knife. A chef knows that the right knife can make the difference between being a good chef and being a great chef. Finding the best chef …

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Knife Making Kit

knife making kit reviews

If you’ve decided to get into knife-making you probably already have at least some experience in the knife world. That doesn’t mean you know what the best equipment is to begin your endeavors. That kind of knowledge comes from extensive research and years of experience. That’s why we’re here. We’ve compiled our knowledge and experience …

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Throwing Axe

Throwing Axe Stuck In Tree

The thing about axe throwing is you don’t need expensive, specialized equipment to be able to do it. It’s a sport that’s built around using a tool that used to be common in most households, meaning it was readily available and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to invest in one. That being said, …

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Best Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife Review - Knife on rock outdoors.

Pocket knives are great. In addition to being a handy every-day-carry or an addition to your toolbox, they’re also fun! As a knife enthusiast, I can’t get enough of them and regularly have to answer which is the best pocket knife. If you’re looking to buy a pocket knife, you’re in the right place. I’ve …

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Best Knife Set

Knife Set

Moving into a new place? Just married? Sick of looking at your mismatched knife set? Looks like you’re in the market to find a new set of knives. In this review we take a look at the best knife set options for those looking to upgrade their kitchen knives. Finding the perfect knife set can …

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Best Knife Sharpener

Best Knife Sharpener - Reviewed

To keep your knife in top condition it’s important you have the best knife sharpener available to keep things sharp. There’s nothing worse than cutting yourself on a dull knife. Except, perhaps, being unable to cut a tomato without smushing it. A knife sharpener is one of the best tools for any knife owner to …

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Best Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knife on chopping board.

If there’s one knife to rule them all, it’s the kitchen knife. Nearly everyone has a kitchen knife in their house, even those who cook infrequently. Whether you’re chopping vegetables, slicing meat, or cutting up an apple, a good kitchen knife is essential. Something that many people also forget is a good knife is also …

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