Best Whittling Knife

Whittling is the art of taking wood or other materials, and turning them into useful and interesting things. It’s a classic American tradition. What a joy, to be a lad and to receive your first pocket knife from your pa. “Pa,” you might say, “I am thrilled to carry on the glorious legacy of our …

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Best Hunting Knife Sharpener

Hunting knife sharpener

When you use a hunting knife in a rugged environment day in and day out, you’re bound to eventually run into the problem of your knife going dull. Not to worry, there is no reason why you have to throw that knife in the trash; a good sharpener for your hunting knife will bring that …

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Best Damascus Knives

Damascus knife

Most readily available commercial knives are made from stainless steel. Some Japanese knives will use carbon steel, which is known for its extreme hardness and the ability to sharpen the blade to a very fine edge. Carbon steel rusts easily and requires a lot of maintenance. Another alternative Japanese knife-makers offer is Damascus steel. Originally …

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Best Nakiri Knife

Nakiri Knife

If you are looking for a great tool for chopping, slicing and dicing vegetables, the Nakiri knife has you covered. The Nakiri knife is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife. The translation of the name (nakiri bocho) means knife for cutting greens. They are known for being quite tall from blade to the spine of the …

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Best Combat Knife

Combat Knife - USMC Ka-Bar

General Patton had it figured out. Knives can strike terror in the hearts of those who know combat. Dying by knife is a scary prospect – then and now. Combat that has devolved into using knives has become determinedly lethal, with either party desperate to survive the ordeal. One of the first weapons that humans …

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Best Camping Knife

Camping knife

When you’re out camping, your knife is as much a tool as it is anything. Spend any real amount of time in the wilderness, and your knife will be relied on to split wood, cut through rope, and serve in any number of other campsite tasks. As such, you need a knife that can hold …

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Best Santoku Knife

Santoku Kitchen Knife

The first three virtues that should come to mind when a Santoku Knife is mentioned are slicing, dicing and chopping. Each one of these tasks can be easily achieved with one of these blades. It doesn’t matter if you are facing meat or vegetables, this knife will cut it through easily. Are Santoku knives any …

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Best Paring Knife

Paring Knife reviews.

A good paring knife is used for tricky jobs such as orange segmenting, mincing segmenting an orange, deveining shrimp or prawns, very fine cut of onions or shallots. A paring knife is also used for peeling fruits or vegetables when a sharp paring knife is needed. In fact, there are unlimited used for this knife …

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Knife Making Forge

knife making forge.

Knife making is a great craft to learn. It’s always satisfying to build something with your own two hands, and you can make a great living forging knives as well. However, it’s difficult to make a knife with your bare handles. Having the proper tools is important to make sure that you can work efficiently …

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Best Skinning Knife

Skinning knife.

If you are a hunter you know that it is vital to clean your task as soon as possible so by using the best skinning knife, it is easy to get the job done as quickly as possible. That is why you need a best value skinning knife to get there neatly. I am going …

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