Advertising and PR

Are you a company that is making or marketing products within the knife trade? Are you looking for a way to get your message out there to fans and knife enthusiasts around the world?

If you have a product or message that you want to get out there we would be happy to help through:

  • Sponsored content that meets FTC guidelines.
  • Honest and detailed reviews.
  • Creative and detailed tests of products.
  • Other content that meets the standards of

Demographics has 1000’s of readers every day that range from outdoor enthusiasts such as divers or hunters to professionals such as chefs that require knives to do their job.

We have readers from all over the world and we focus on all aspects of knives from survival to the kitchen. We focus on high end products designed to last and regularly feature interviews with professional knife makers designed to attract the attention of anyone of any background that enjoys knives.

What can we offer?

We are happy to help knife brands get their message and products out there in a way that meets the expectations of readers.

All content published by is honest and detailed, we will not hesitate to highlight problems or negative aspects of products as we find them. We know good knives when we see them and we also know there is a lot of bad knives out there… We want our readers who are using their hard earned money to get an honest look at these products before they part with their cash. This is our priority.

We will not bend on our guidelines for advertisers, but if you think this works for you and your brand we would be happy to hear from you.