Welcome to YourNextKnife.com!

We are a website dedicated to all things sharp and pointy!

We are fans of knives, swords and axes. We love using them, buying them, sharing information about them and talking about them. It’s a love that goes back many years from when my Grandfather gifted me a small pocket knife as a child.

YourNextKnife.com specialises in reviewing products so that people can make informed and educated decisions when buying their next knife. It does not matter if you are a professional chef or you’re just looking for a cheap beater EDC knife, we want to make sure that you get the best product you can when spending your hard earned money.

What to expect from Your Next Knife:

  • Unbiased and fair product reviews from people with decades of experience in their fields.
  • A quality resource from the viewpoint of a newbie buying their first “real” knives.
  • Content designed to help you make quick and educated choices when it comes to selecting your next knife.
  • Time saving recommendations for Editors Picks for when you just don’t have time to read/watch all the available information.
  • Detailed “how to” articles that help knife makers and knife users build or maintain their knife
  • Memes and bad puns.

What not to expect:

  • Politics and nonsense.
  • Fake reviews because knife manufacturers gave us products for free.
  • Anything that promotes unsafe use of these fantastic tools.

How does Your Next Knife work?

We are a small team of experts consisting of:

  • A semi-professional knife maker with 13 years experience.
  • An ex-butcher with 8 years experience.
  • A retired chef with 28 years experience.

We are a group of friends that met through knives and happen to use knives in our chosen careers. Our passion for well made steel brought us here to the point where we can review, test and share our knowledge and experience with the world. Most of the products we review are items we personally own or bought specially for review with our own money.

Occasionally we borrow items from people we know and sometimes even get sent things for free (which we disclose). We make it our mission to publish 100% unbiased reviews, we do not charge for reviews and companies know they are going to get a real review when they send us stuff. Seriously, check the advertising page.

Our guidelines for product recommendations is simple:

Would I suggest this product to family and friends?

If the answer is no then we won’t recommend it, simple.

How do we make money?

So when you read our articles and see us reviewing $1000’s of knives at any one time you may be forgiven for asking how is that all paid for…

Well the truth is mostly out of our personal pockets. We are degenerate knife collectors, they are our passion and we have no issue buying these as we simply enjoy using quality steel as you can probably appreciate too. Some are borrowed and covered above occasionally we get some sent to us also…

We also do make small beer money commissions on sales we make when you click on the Amazon links. It’s worth noting though that despite this you are not charged anymore when you click our links and everything is disclosed in the sidebar of every article. We are not hiding this from you.

Amazon are a great way for websites like this to fund expansion, server costs and product costs. This being said we are not “profitable”, it’s hard to be when you’re addicted to steel like we are.

About YourNextKnife.com

Contacting Us

We like it when you say hello, if you have feedback or want to offer some experience on our articles feel free to leave comments where relevant or message us directly. We would love to hear from you and will do our best to reply within 24 hours.

Let us know what tests and reviews you want to see and we will do our best to make it happen!