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Jerry Peterson - Your Next Knife Editor

About Us

Greetings! I am Jerry Peterson, and I am the founder and Editor of YourNextKnife.com

I’m a self confessed knife geek. I’ve had knives as long as I can remember and have been building knifes in various forms since I was about 12. With over 15 years experience in amateur knife making I decided to share my passion for knives by creating this website.

Teaming up with a few close friends, we aims to bring you solid and impartial reviews that you can trust. I also would love to help introduce more people into the hobby of knife making because I feel that not enough people make things anymore.

Check out our About Page to find out more about our experiences in this industry.


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Every Day Carry Knives
Every Day Carry

Everyday Carry (EDC) knife reviews and lore.


Kitchen Knife Reviews
Kitchen Knives

Everything you need to know about every kind of kitchen knife.


Knife Care Tutorials and Reviews
Knife Care

Learn how to sharpen, clean, maintain and protect a blade.


Knife making tutorials
Knife Making

Learn how to become a master bladesmith.


Outdoor and survival knife reviews
Outdoor Knives

Outdoor and survival knives, this could save your life!


Tactical and Military knife reviews
Tactical Knives

Tactical, combat and military knife reviews from Mil-Spec to “tacticool”.


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